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Gratitude Perspective

This season I am entering into is all about three things: setting intention, showing vulnerability and expressing gratitude. I have noticed along the way, that if I start every thought with what you are grateful for and try to focus the positive aspects of everything- that angle will change your entire perspective.

Recently, as we have all had to change the way we live in various ways; while I have varied thoughts on how his whole situation was handled or the lack of informative sources; I prefer to remain on the side of positivity and think about all the great things that have occurred in my life and the lives of my family members due to the lock down. The importance of family, communication with those in our neighborhood, city and the adjusted view across the world for starters. Additionally, a reevaluation of diet, exercise and overall well being, a renewed appreciation for my growing spiritual fortitude, that extra time looking into the eyes of my children and really listening….the understanding that we all play a part in the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the world...we are all connected. That is a heavy thought to me because as we have built our own family, it is easy, like many things, to get tunnel vision and concern myself with me and mine only. Now we are offered an alternative perspective; one that seeks to open us all up and expose our vulnerable parts, our fears, our actual innate desire to take care of our sick and elderly.

As a visual artist, I have been contemplating the many ways I can share my unique perspective. Whether it be a painting, a collage, a poem or a design rendering, like the one featured- we are all driven and forever changed by our experiences and the perspectives we nurture or develop through them. This entryway is an entrance into my world; my perspective is always tribal (me and mine), modern (growing and every changing perspective), sleek, moody (constant disposition), colorful and full of depth- like my love for my family and for my art. Furniture pieces and accessories are linked below:

How will you work on your Gratitude Perspective today?

Roman Shade

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